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NEW: GTC 600 C Delivers Detailed Visualisation and Smart Documentation

NEW: GTC 600 C Delivers Detailed Visualisation and Smart Documentation

The GTC 600 C thermal camera detects temperature differences quickly and easily, even outdoors, offers detailed visualisations of ttemperature differences, and allows for smart documentation.It features a high thermal resolution and wide measuring range for a maximum of thermal measuring applications. With convenient voice notes, the Bosch Thermal App and the GTC Transfer Software enable easy documentation of thermal images. An intuitive user interface and seamlessly integrated features such as emissivity value presets and an improved gallery with both IR and visual images deliver successful results in minimum clicks.Product HighlightsThere are plenty of new and improved features that will give your customers many reasons to love the GTC 600 C, but here are a few of the key features we know they will appreciate the most:Universal Application RangeDetailed thermal image (256 x 192 px)Wide measuring range -20 °C to +600 ° CFast and Smart DocumentationIntegrated voice noteBosch Thermal App for job-site sharingGTC Transfer SW for detailed analysisIntuitive User InterfaceFlat function hierarchy developed with the userRobust Design to Withstand Tough Conditions2 metre drop resistance and IP54 (excluding lithium-ion battery pack)New FeaturesVoice Note: Record, play, delete and transfer voice notes with built in microphone and speaker. Useful for documentation purposes.Improved Gallery: Toggling through the IR image, the visual image and the IR image in full screen to give better orientation.More Emissivity Values: Categorized emissivity values for the pro user and pre-saved favorite materials for fast selection.Improved Colour Palettes: Improved colour palettes for best usage of contrast in the thermal image. Plus one additional colour palette which highlights hot and cold areas intuitively.GTC 600 CSKU 0 601 083 5K0 Read more